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      Tel: 86-28-61558179       Fax: 86-28-85085700      E-mail: phima@phimavalve.com


      COPYRIGHT ? Phima Valve Industries Co., Ltd.    蜀ICP備11001014號  

      Address: 2-2-1804#, SunDynasty International, No. 27, 4th Section, South Renmin Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China(610041)

      Products Center

      Manufacturing and Quality


      Manufacturing and Quality

      Manufacturing and Quality


      PHIMA valves are manufactured by massively using the most modernized machining equipments such as CNC lathes and processing centers, digital display boring lathes, lapping machines etc. to guarantee the high quality of the valve parts and final products.


      All of our manufacturing facilities and products are approved by the latest ISO9001: 2015, API Q1(9th Edition), API 6D (24th Edition), CE/PED, API 607, API 6FA etc. Each program from contract evaluation to products shipment and documentation submission is under strict quality inspection and quality control by following the flow chart of the quality management process. Fully rigged in house test and inspection apparatus ensure carrying out the controls of material chemical and mechanical analysis, NDE test, hardness test, dimension test, thickness test, impact test, cryogenic test, fugitive emission test, degrease treatment test etc. All valves and parts are identified and ongoing traceable, documentation are always available on EN10204 3.1 and internally traceable.


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